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All you need to know about the Digi Grey

With Digi Grey you can professionally correct the colour balance of your digital photos even if you have little or no experience with photo editor programs.

What is the Digi Grey? How is it used? How does it work? What makes it different from traditional neutral grey cards for film photography? The answers to these and other questions that you may have are located on this site. If you don't find the information that you need or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

March 2008 :

MOLFO AB is exclusive distributor in Sweden (click here).

It is a specially designed greycard that allows EASY and ACCURATE colour balance corrections of your digital photos using your photo editing program. More... Use it on your first shot. With the Digi Grey in your first photo, you will have an accurate reference for use in correcting the rest of the photos in the series. More... In your photo retouching program, click on the grey of the reference photo. More...
December 2008 :

Digi Grey is distributed in Russia by PHOTO SALE.
click here

The Digi Grey allows your program to know how your camera "sees" the colours of the subject by recording the color references right into your photo. More...

The answers to most of the questions put by the users. More...

Tips and Tricks for using the Digi Grey. More...



Some results obtained by using the Digi Grey. More... The Digi Grey Neutral Grey is available in several versions. More... You can purchase the Digi Grey through any of these fine retailers. More...  
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