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To find the exact colours of the photographed subject, it is enough to correct the reference photo in your graphic software.

The correction work consists in measuring the grey of the Digi Grey on the reference photo. The software calculates the deviation on your place and makes the settings for retrieving the true colours. It is then enough to apply this correction to the other photos taken in the same conditions.

To show how to use the Digi Grey in various softwares, we have chosen a photo which presents an extreme color cast (see opposite). If you have less colored photos than this one, the method of work stays exactly the same. Your program will adapt its correction according to the importance of the defect.

If you like improving your photos by using a graphic software but if you have neither the time nor the desire to learn the adjustment and the specific tools of your software, the Digi Grey is made for you! It is your software which will adjust the good colours on your place without that you need to study whatever it is! Even if you know nothing, you will be able to correct your photos like a professional.

We have listed below some softwares which we tested in Jpeg. They memorize the corrections which can be used repeatedly on other photos. If your software is not in our list or if you are not satisfied with the result obtained by your software, try the free plugins PowerRetouche or Smart Curve (see below) who work with your software. For the RAW, see at the bottom of the page.


Photo with orange-coloured color cast. Daylight with artificial lighting (light bulbs) without flash.


Correction obtained with the "Black and White Point" tool (Paint Shop Pro) by measuring the grey visible on the Digi Grey in the photo.



The site of the publisher :
The Digi Grey works with all versions since Photoshop 7.0



The site of the publisher :
The Digi Grey works with all versions since Photoshop Elements 2.0


PAINT SHOP PRO (Jasc et Corel)

The site of the publisher :
The Digi Grey works with all versions since Paint Shop Pro 7.0



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The site of the publisher :



  Free plugins :  

Free external module to be used within your software if it accepts plugins. It makes the correction of colours (white balance) with the Digi Grey. You can use it with all the softwares above (in JPEG). Click here to access the page of explanation.

Free external module to be used (in JPEG) with all the softwares above and with the following softwares: ACDSee ACD FotoCanvas, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Adobe PageMaker, CiEBV Photoline 32, Corel Photo House, Deneba Canvas, imageN, IrfanView, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks, Megalux Ultimate Paint, Metacreations Painter, Fractal Design Detailer, Microfrontier Color It!, Microsoft Photodraw 2000, Micrografx Picture Publisher, Right Hemisphere Deep Paint, SPG Colorworks: WEB, Ulead Gif Animator, Ulead PhotoExpress, XnView. Consult the instructions in the readme.txt file after dezipping. The zip file must be unzipped in the plugin folder of your software. Use the droppers of grey, white and black. Record the obtained correction by replacing the extension of the file by the .acv extension. Open your other images and load the correction. Click here to download the Smart Curve plugin.


Processing of the RAW:

The Digi Grey is perfectly suited for the RAW. It is usable in every software of RAW processing of the market. See the chapter "Does Gigi Grey work with RAW files or with JPEG files?".

Here is a sound and illustrated tutorial (in French) realized by Benoît Marchal from who shows the way he develops a photo in RAW by using Adobe Camera Raw. When he realized this tutorial, the Digi Grey was not still on the market and he used a rival greycard. But the Digi Grey is compatible 100 % and you can thus follow this tutorial if you use the Digi Grey. Benoît Marchal is working with precision and gives relevant advices that are transposables to the other RAW softwares of the market if you do not use Camera Raw. Click here to follow the lesson and here for the .pdf file of the tutorial (French).


How is working the Digi Grey ?

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