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The Digi Grey is made in a neutral grey synthetic material




Material :
Synthetic material (not paper nor cardboard).

Colour :
The grey of the the Digi Grey reacts in a neutral way to the various wavelengths of the visible spectre as well as to the ultraviolet. The grey colour is embedded in the material structure. It is not a surface paint.

Appearance :
The matt surface avoids reflections.

Label :
The white area is brilliant. The black area needs to have no reflection on it (from camera's point of view, glare from the sunlight, for example). The brillant surface helps to orientate the Digi Grey so the reflection is not sent to the camera's objective.

Resistance :
- against humidity :
the synthetic material is not affected by rain, snow or moulds. It may be used under water.
- against wear :
the synthetic material does not become worn or show surface wear during continual use.
- against folds :
the 3mm thickness prevents any risk of folding.
- against fall :
the Digi Grey is stiff and solid. It does not break if it falls or is dropped.

Card Design :
The little hole on the corner is for the optional accessory; the stand (see the Products page). This stand allows the Digi Grey to have four different positions and ease of card orientation during camera shots.

Size :
Various sizes are available. See the Products page.

How to use the Digi Grey.


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