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December 2008 :

The Digi Grey has an exclusive distributor for Russia : PHOTO SALE. See here.

March 2008 :

The Digi Grey has an exclusive distributor for Sweden : MOLFO AB. See here.

1st August 2007:

The Digi Grey has an exclusive distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg : VDH PHOTO SUPPLIES.

25th April 2007:

The Digi Grey is marketed in Poland by a local exclusive distributor.

20th April 2007:

First shop in France selling the Digi Grey.

14th April 2007:

"Our tests with various illuminating (flash, tungsten, tubes fluo) gave us results rather comparable with the most reliable tools of reference (WhiBal G6, ColorChecker). The Digi Grey greycard thus ensures very suitably its mission and is shown less expensive... In short, a "Top Achat" deserved by a very good quality/price ratio."
Vincent Luc
Réponses Photo.

5th April 2007:
"The Digigrey is a professional accessory but can be used easily by the amateurs. One can see it like a safety, a standard tool which will make it possible to undoubtedly find colours closer to reality."
Guillaume Belveze

31st March 2007:
"I advise to photograph in RAW in particular to preserve any latitude to adjust the white balance a posteriori by the software. And in this logic, a neutral target like a credit card format is incredibly practical."
Benoît Marchal

Middle-March 2007:
The largest Belgian specialist in new and secondhand photo material is the first chain of photo shops in Belgium to propose the Digi Grey.

6th february 2007:
"The fact of being able to wash the chart with water is a truth more: I had posed the card close to children which had fun to be made up with painting with face, and of course, one of them touched the card, the hands full with blue. I could clean the spot without the least sorrow, with water and soap."
Jean-François Cuneo

28th January 2007:
"Here a small accessory available recently on the European market which could render service well to you."
Nikon Passion

27th January 2007:
"It is this aspect 'live experimented' which allured me."
Jean-Christophe Courte

End January 2007:
Begin of the mail order selling.

January 2007:
The Internet site is open.

December 2006:
Conception and development of the Digi Grey for the European market.

The Digi Grey is sold in shops or by mail. If you want to buy the Digi Grey see the SHOPS page.



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