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The Digi Grey has the capacity to record the defects of colours that are present in a digital photo.



The Digi Grey is made in a synthetic material of neutral grey colour. The main Digi Grey characteristic is to have a neutral reaction under various lightings (sun, flash, artificial light). In other words, the grey of the Digi Grey has the capacity to keep its qualities of grey whatever is the lighting (even U-V).

The grey colour of the Digi Grey serves as reference.

If the colours of the photo are not correct, the grey of the Digi Grey will register the defect. It will show the same deviations of colour as the rest of the photo even if the user does not see this deviation. For example, if the photo presents an orange-coloured aspect (we shall speak about orange-coloured "color cast"), the grey of the Digi Grey will become more orange-coloured in the same proportion. Also, for any other deviation of colour, even small and imperceptible to the unprofessional eye or if the monitor screen is not adjusted correctly.

It is then enough to measure this colorimetric deviation present in the grey of the Digi Grey on the reference photo and to apply the compensation correction.

Most of the graphic softwares have this function of compensation correction.

Photos opposite show the tint of the Digi Grey card when the image colours are not correct.

The top photo. We say also too "cold". You will notice that it is very difficult to detect this dominant in the white area of the Digi Grey. On the other hand, it is very visible in the grey (which is no more grey but blue). It is the reason for which the Digi Grey is so precise!

The middle photo is too orange-coloured. We say also too "warm". Hair are almost red! The grey of the Digi Grey is orange-coloured too...

The bottom photo is the good one. Colours are well balanced. The background wall shows a normal colour. Hair has natural tones. The grey of the Digi Grey is strictly neutral. It presents no colour deviation.

In the photo software, the Dropper tool is used to measure the colour of the pixels (see "Increase the precision of the Dropper tool"). If the grey of the Digi Grey is colored, the software measures this colour and proposes the correction to suppress it. The user simply has to click on OK to apply the correction and find the true well-balanced colours. No need of knowledge on the theory of colours (RGB, CMYK), on the white balance, on the colour temperature (Kelvin), etc. It is enough to know how to click...

By using the Digi Grey you have the guarantee that the true colours will reappear on your photos.

The Digi Grey is a precision instrument which allows you to obtain professional results very easy.

Even with photos which present a major color cast, the Digi Grey is capable of piloting the retouching software to find the true colours. See examples here.

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